I have been fortunate to have Barbara be my core practitioner for many years. She is a talented, intuitive, and compassionate healer. From broken bones to headaches to post-surgical healing, Barbara has helped balance out my energy and body. She has also practiced on our young daughter with great care and patience. We have both seen amazing results. I would highly recommend the healing journey with Barbara.

Rachel K., age 39

I have had several abhyangas and an enliven your senses treatment from Barbara and cannot say enough good things about her treatments. I love the warm oils she uses and feel so relaxed and blissed out from her magical touch. My stress level has been down and I have not gotten sick all winter and I just know it is because of these treatments. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to get healthy and feel nourished and pampered.

Amy P.

I have been receiving core synchronism treatments from Barbara Chernov for about 10 months. It is the most amazing and wonderful therapeutic technique I have ever experienced. Barbara’s incredible dedication, knowledge, and loving nature ensure success. She has been treating me for Tinnitus, which is basically untreatable in traditional medicine, and my condition is now much improved. I have also experienced other significant improvements in my overall wellbeing, and my last full physical with my doctor showed these changes! At almost 70 years old, I feel better than ever and am grateful to Barbara for being an amazing force in reaching my goal of wonderful health.


Richard T., age 69



Barbara Chernov is a gifted healer. As soon as she laid her warm, soft palms on my head, the tension dwindled. The “Core” work that she practices seems to work on several layers, all at once. My nervous system unraveled and pictures and memories emerged during the session, leaving me feeling refreshed and invigorated afterwards. But she also treated my chronic shoulder pain and I could feel that she was able to bring back the energy flow through the injured joint and eased the pain. I would recommend her work to anybody.

Corinna M.


Having suffered from migraines and vertigo my entire adult life, I’ve tried just about every treatment offered by western medicine as well as holistic therapies. Faster and longer-lasting than any pill, Barbara’s comprehensive treatments have restored me to excellent health. She has shown me daily routines—from diet and exercise to meditation and self-care—that have turned my whole life around. Barbara has become a trusted, wise, and nurturing fixture in my journey toward my best self.

Jen S., age 34