When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.
            -Ayurvedic proverb


A Holistic Approach

Barbara teaches Kanyakumari’s popular Food As Medicine classes. During this course, Barbara helps take the mystery out of the constantly changing information on nutrition that we as a society are often bombarded with. One of the most important things about these classes is that the information students receive has not changed in thousands of years, and it never will.

This diet and wellness program follows the natural drive of the seasons, focusing on the fruits, vegetables, and grains that thrive during each season. Diets often don’t make sense, but nature does.

Participants will leave each class grounded in the fundamentals of sound nutrition, knowledgeable about time-honored methods and recipes, and prepared to confidently incorporate practical, healthy nutrition into their lives.


Food As Medicine Part 1 covers the basics of Ayurvedic nutrition, including healthy eating routines, food combining, spices that support digestion, as well as the best grains, oils, and sweeteners.

Food As Medicine Part 2 includes cooking instruction and demonstrations followed by a meal lovingly cooked with some of the fundamental Food As medicine recipes. Students receive individualized recipes to take home and integrate into everyday meals.

Additional Classes

Barbara also teaches vegetarian and Indian cooking classes, and is available to teach private sessions for children, families, and groups of friends.