Core Synchronism

Core Synchronism is a gentle system of energy work designed to bring the body back into balance by activating your own self-healing ability.

Restoring Balance

The health of the human immune system is directly and intimately connected to the circulation and flow of cerebrolspinal fluid. If this core current becomes confused or if there has been a trauma or injury to the body, inflammation, pain, and fatigue set in. The longer the core current remains out of synch, the deeper the fatigue and the greater the compromise to the immune system. Core Synchronism is not pathology specific and is safe to practice on all ages; it is not contraindicated for any person or any illness.

When trauma occurs, including stress, physical or emotional shock, injury, infections, surgical intervention, mechanical injury, etc., some part of the body loses its essential relationship with the core rhythm. As inflammation occurs, pain and fatigue set in and can eventually lead to more severe symptoms. Every structure of the human body should rest in its own natural cavity. When a structure is traumatized, it can shift or and restrict the flow of cerebral spinal fluid. When synchronicity is reestablished and the body parts have floated back to their natural cavity, the body can be nourished by and bathed in freely flowing cerebral spinal fluid.


The core synchronism model was developed by Robert Stevens, director of the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics. After more than 20 years working in polarity therapy and cranial osteopathy, he realized that the cerebrolspinal fluid was where these two systems overlap. Barbara frequently travels to Albuquerque to study with Robert as he continues to expand this brilliant healing modality.

A Customized Experience

Treatments last one hour, while patients relax on a massage table fully clothed. Please allow 15-20 minutes for a short consultation at each treatment . Most patients feel totally relaxed during treatment, and while some people feel energized immediately afterwards, others may feel some discomfort or fatigue for 12-48 hours. This often indicates that healing is taking place, and changes and corrections are occurring. As a general rule, recent problems will be resolved more quickly. With longtime or chronic ailments, more treatments may be necessary to help the body remember what balance feels like.